Thursday, August 17, 2006

What The Hell's The Hate Hannity Hotline?

“The real primary diseases of man are such defects as pride, cruelty, hate, self-love, ignorance, instability and greed; and each of these, if considered, will be found to be adverse to Unity.”—Edward Bach
I have a morbid curiosity about people like Sean Hannity. He's a nice looking man with a nice family, Irish Catholic, and a bag full of hate like no one I've ever known with the exception of Rush Limbaugh. How anyone can be as continuously wrong on the little points makes me crazy. He opens his can of worms nearly everyday to pull out this nightcrawler, “Osama Bin Laden's driver shouldn't have any rights!” when in actuality he means Saddam Hussein's driver. As I recall, Osama walks over rocks, is in the mountains of Pakistan anyway, and never had a driver. Hannity gets himself so worked up he can barely remember his own name.

Hannity's best sense is knowing when a caller is a liberal and smart enough to get the best of him in an argument. Sean immediately hits all his favorite, generic rant points culminating with his rudely cutting off of the call.

This ridiculous zombie, this ranting inconsequential being of a , dare I say, man? This clone of Limbaugh, this slut to Coulter. I’d like to go on but I won't. In an effort to be brief, God he makes me want to puke. Great American my ass.

Some schoolyard is missing a bully. And Saddam Hussein’s driver might yet ecsape noteriety, thanks to Sean.


EJCorreia said...

You are an ass. You know nothing about Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh or what they stand for.

You're obviously just another brain-dead liberal that's been hypnotized by the brain-dead liberal media.

Get yourself informed. Listen to talk radio.

shishkabob said...

Mr. E.J. Correia called me a name the way Rush, Sean and Laura would. I listen to these people spew their hate nearly everyday, and to answer your charges, Mr. Correia, that I am uninformed, I suggest that it is you who do not understand that these people are not telling you the truth. They are ENTERTAINERS who make their money by shilling for their sponsors who like them to be controversial: sponsors like Zicam™, Boca Java™, Sleep Number™ beds, Ruth’s Chris® Steak House, etc. run to the bank with glee to cash your checks. Sean and his ilk do the same with their cut of the advertising dollar. People like Sean do this country a great disservice by broadcasting divisive hate messages. Keep buying their stupid products. That’s what they really want so they can sell you more. THAT’S how it works.Consider yourself “informed”. And notice I don't have to call you names.

LABMAN said...

I'll not stoop to the level of a Liberal and call you an ass.
BUT the hate Hannity hot line only proves my point about how immature and spiteful Liberals are.
To say that Hannity spews hate is wrong.
As usual Bloggers like you always say the same thing over and over again;
If someone doesn't see things my(the liberal)way they must be "haters".
Why you are like that, who knows?
I mean if you call "pointing out the facts" and "exposing" hypocrites Hate, then I think you should redefine hate for the rest of us Dummies.
Imagine that, a liberal pointing out that everyone but them(liberals) are stoopid.
Oh yeah, I am a "former" liberal and activist. The reason I became a conservative is because of the liberal hypocrisy of "tolerance" for all and the spiteful propaganda I was exposed to while working for Washington fair share. If you really believe in what you say then get off your arse and go door to door and tell the world how stoopid conservatives are. You live in a sheltered world sir.GOD bless you and Merry Christmas! Devon from Tacoma.

shishkabob said...

Dear Labman, Perhaps hate is a bit extreme. It definitely isn’t love I hear pouring out of the radio. It is an extreme view that, IMHO, is dangerously divisive and polarizing. It espouses a singular point of view which I find blind to the real problems of today by providing a venue to sell merchandise to a rabid audience who seems determined to believe everything this administration put forth as "truth". And, BTW, Hannity himself created the "Hate" Hannity Hotline. We are allowed to differ in our views. Merry Christmas to You, as well and may we all have a better new year and get a little closer to agreement!

LABMAN said...

That's laughable. I mean have you listened to RandI R(h)oads, Al Franken, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn,Barbara Streisand, Rosie O'donnell,Robert Redford and a host of other celebrities that spew hatred almost every time they open their mouths?
Air America, (I think they're still on even though they went bankrupt)for instance makes fun of Christianity in the most immature and reprehensible and offensive way they ca, and calls Islam a "peaceful" religion. Silliness!
Dailkos putting up a nude photo shopped picture of the president (like him or not he's still our president, and YES I felt that way about Clinton as well, he was MY president)along with the outright HATRED for anything conservative or anti-socialist.
Rosie O'donnell making the statement "Christianity is as dangerous as Islam".
Sean Penn and his speech about President Bush stating "you (bush) and your smarmy pundits in your pocket with your blood soaked underwear blah,blah blah,". THAT'S
not hate???
I hate to tell you friend, but Sean Hannity is WAY above that crap, and if you think that Ads don't keep website,radio and television "payin the bills" it makes me wonder what kind of world you live in.
They ALL hawk products So what!
I'm not sayin I'm just sayin.
I mean have you been to huffingtonpost? that's EXTREME hatred on every page.
What do you take me for anyway?
Like I didn't know Hannity created the HATE HANNITY HOTLINE?
I think it's great. It gives the rest of the world a window into the hatred the "ultra" liberal has in their heart. They can't help it!
I love differing viewpoints, but what you're saying is just Rhetoric, not FACT. Sean Hannity Polarizing? LOL! he has another show called Hannity and Colmes on fox. Hannity is a conservative Colmes is a die-hard liberal and they engage in HEALTHY DEBATE.
Have'nt you ever heard of that show? So, Hannity doesn't have the right to be a conservative with a conservative point of view on HIS own show?
IT'S A CONSERVATIVE SHOW SHISHKABOB! If you don't like it then change the channel! He has NOT been nor have I been in LOCKSTEP with the bush administration. AS A MATTER OF FACT, there are allot of conservatives ON THE RADIO that disagree with President Bush!
BUT we conservatives Debate each other, as where it seems with Liberals, that if you don't see things ONE way you'd even take one of your own to the proverbial "wood shed". Believe me I know.
Hannity extreme, really sir.

shishkabob said...

OK, Devon.I've been to Huffington. I know they spew hate but also some truths. I don't like Sean Penn as an actor or a political dilettante. I think Striesand stinks and Alec Baldwin is a fool. I prefer to think for myself. Politically, I used to be a Republican, now I’d say I was an Independent. I served in the USAF Security Service during the Viet Nam Era. I've seen a fair amount of shit go down. I’ve seen Hannity and Colmes. and Colmes is so weak as to appear pathetic when Hannity laughs at him for trying to make a point. That's basically the same tactic he uses when he hits the Mike Levin button when a liberal is trying to make a point telling him to "Get off the phone, ya big dope!" How eloquent. Besides, he's only a token liberal. Rupert Murdoch and FOX would never allow a real liberal on that show. Might mke Hannity look bad. And yes, I'll maintain that his views do polarize. According to Sean, all liberals are stupid and evil and he can't understand why. Yes, some liberals are stupid. They'd be the morons who call the Hotline and give Sean the chance to make fun of them under the guise of presenting a public service. Understand; he’s being controversial to entertain and sell. That's his job. Not to educate the world or bring us together. Mostly he's preaching to the choir. As least he no longer talks about Osama Bin Laden's driver! It would appear you've got some issues from "being taken to the woodshed" while you were a liberal. I hope you're feeling better as a conservative. That's what's important. So far I can live with myself the way I am. Best Regards. Really, sir.

labman said...

It would seem, that we see allot of things the same way. I love "healthy" debate. I have a 60% service connected disability from the military. I was injured during the "cold war" and cannot imagine some of the things you (and my father)have seen in combat. So, I thank you for your service. But (like my father) I have seen allot of combat vets from Viet nam carry allot of bitterness toward this current conflict and this administration. My dad too used to be a republican (I was raised "apolitical" BTW) but now he's a totally off the wall liberal who believes everything CNN can shove down his Gullet about the war and this president. Then again He's on oxygen for emphysema and still smokes (he used to be intelligent but he's o2 deprived and I'm sure he's gone a little off his rocker).
Anyway, I'll stop the comments on this subject. Please feel free to visit my website on the stumbleupon network.

Anonymous said...

eh, Religutards like Rush and Hannity and Beck are easy to figure out when you realize how religiously damaged they really are.