Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mother of Satan Gives Birth To Imbeciles!

“Hadji, did you bring the acetone?”
“No, I brought the bleach.”
“Mahmood, did you bring the drain cleaner?”
“No, I brought the bleach.”
“Wait a sec... I was supposed to bring the bleach...
we all brought bleach?

Our turbans will be whiter than white!”

Alright. This is really beginning to piss me off.

All innocence had been lost forever. It’s going to be impossible for people growing up after 9/11 to even begin to realize what air travel was like before 9/11. Prior to 1961 when the first hijacking to Cuba occurred, there were scant few incidents involving imbeciles and airplanes. Flying was wonderful, inexpensive, magical, and soooooo convenient. And now the morons are at it again.

It’s easy for people like Hannity to just rant and call these people islamic fascists. What’s hard is to figure out what we ever did to make the raw material that allows them to be so maleable and easily shaped into suicidal fanatics. Make no mistake: they hate us to the point of killing themselves. If that isn't sincerety, I don't know what is.

But then one really only has to look no further than this country to see how rabid red-staters have been shaped by the politics of hate preached by those who would put themselves on display as “great Americans.”

“Excellence in broadcasting” is another guise these charlatans put on to ease the fear created by these uncertain times (not to mention Homeland Security). Our venerated pill-popping, doctor-shopping mentor for “advanced conservative studies,” posturing as an intelligent source of news while fomenting division of the country. Arguing for more power to be given to our oligarchic president and fewer rights granted to us citizens for our own protection.

I’m really tired of all y’all messing up my sleep.

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