Thursday, April 29, 2010

Congressional Bathroom Humor

Mitch McConnell, imbecile senator from Kentucky and his girlfriend John "The Bone" Bohner are all smiles while they take a break from saying, "No!" to the democrats and the country and head to the men's room for a little wide stance drill in the Congressional rest room.

The republicans have steadfastly refused to even bring the bill to reform Wall Street to the senate floor for discussion leading the world to believe that they have something to preserve or gain by allowing the tycoons from the financial district to keep giving them money.

When asked what it would take to get the republicans to open debate on the topic of financial reform, Bohner said, “About a $1,500,000, give or take.”

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Travelin’ On With The Taliban, Or How I Plan To Spend My Summer Vacation By Hamid Karzai

In an announcement that surprised practically no one, Hamid Karzai said that if he was pushed around by the international community, specifically the United States, he was going to run away from home and join the circus.

An aid and close confident to Karzai said he saw the Mayor of Kabul looking wistful and packing a bandanna with toothpaste, toilet paper and a few boxes of Capn' Crunch along with a "football" of cash. He also assured the world community, that, “Karzai’s serious, damn it. Come on, guys, honest, he really means it! If you don’t believe me, he will break your back across his knee... like so!”

On his way out the door, Karzai waved to the media and said, “Hakka durka, hakka durka.”