Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sarah Palin Says John McCain Spent 5 Years As A POW So You Have The Right To Free Speech.

John McCain threw up in his mouth when she said that. Cindy thought it was funny because she knew he spent five years as a POW because he got shot down over a rice paddy and got captured.

Nothing really ever occurred as a result of his spending all that time there. Certainly nothing to do with the first amendment to the constitution. His bones healed funny and the NVA and the VC got a good confession out of him as a war criminal for dropping bombs on civilians. THAT came from that.

He stayed there for 5 years because his chances of being court martialed because of his confession upon his release were pretty big then. Besides, his first wife had gained weight since he went away and didn't suit him so he divorced her when he finally did get home so he could get back to his wild life of drinking and whoring.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Continues His Tirade

Rush Limbaugh's mouth is getting ahead of his brain lately. He advocates obeying the law, tells a law student to emulate the 60s, go out and smoke marijuana and , who knows, maybe Obama will come out and smoke pot with you, then catches himself advocating breaking the law and backs down. Problem is he's already said what he wants the ditto-heads to hear and act on, but has absolved himself of any wrongdoing.

This guy is a real sack of poop, spreading filth and lies for the benefit of his own enrichment and engorged ego.

P.T. Barnum was wrong a lot less than Limbaugh claims to be.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Urged On By Conservative Media, Republican Mob Threatens Democratic Party Reps And Senators With Violence.

Today on his radio program Rush Limbaugh made a case for inciting people to violence by saying the Democrats did it first. I guess that makes it OK?

I have a suspicion that the monster he, Sarah and the rest of the conservative wing-nut Republicans are after is the man they hate so vehemently because once again they lost and they just can't stand it. It's eating them alive that 32 million more people will not be denied the common decency afforded their wealthier countrymen.

That the wealthier countrymen may have to ante up a little for it seems to be their primary bone of contention. Is it that hard a pill to swallow?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Death Panels Are Official! Death Camps Are Good To Go.

Immoral politicians last evening voted to destroy the America espoused by the radical right. Through their incredible blathering today, the Fox News Network's pundits blustered and fumed over the passage of the Health Care Reform Bill. With spittle on their lips they bellow and used their same besmirching vocabularies to try as best they could to explain how such a thing could happen. They couldn't. But they did sell some product and make noise.

We the People, all 1500 to 2000 foul mouthed wing nuts who had overflowed the street corner near the Capitol, sputtered their epithets and expressed their dismay in a vain attempt to defeat the work of the representatives. Convinced of their righteousness and assured by Limbaugh, Hannity and other bellicose media types, they had a little party and went home.

Hannity is kicking off his Conservative Victory Tour. What was the victory? The Republicans definitely lost. He's also got another book for sale.

Oh, yeah, and President Obama has a veto for the next three years, so you can forget about repealing this bill until then at the earliest.

Health Care Bill Passes House Vote.

While John Boehner was either in the men's room practicing his wide stance or the tanning booth at the House chamber, the democrats managed to finally push the Health Care Reform Bill through. After myriad fits and starts and procedural votes on points of procedure, hours of stalling and posturing with fake debate, the 2500 pound sausage was carried around the chamber and applauded like the village hero chaired through the market place.

Republican minority leader Boehner knocked back a few bourbons and addressed the media, saying, "What's good for the American people, is good for the country. Thank you and God bless the United States of America. "

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Glad I Didn't Watch.

If I would have watched, I would have seen this. And this is as bad as the picture I have in my head of Rahm Emmanuel confronting Eric Massa in the showers at the Congressional gym.

As Count Floyd would say, "Ooh, that's scary!"