Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sarah Palin Says John McCain Spent 5 Years As A POW So You Have The Right To Free Speech.

John McCain threw up in his mouth when she said that. Cindy thought it was funny because she knew he spent five years as a POW because he got shot down over a rice paddy and got captured.

Nothing really ever occurred as a result of his spending all that time there. Certainly nothing to do with the first amendment to the constitution. His bones healed funny and the NVA and the VC got a good confession out of him as a war criminal for dropping bombs on civilians. THAT came from that.

He stayed there for 5 years because his chances of being court martialed because of his confession upon his release were pretty big then. Besides, his first wife had gained weight since he went away and didn't suit him so he divorced her when he finally did get home so he could get back to his wild life of drinking and whoring.

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