Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rush Limbaugh, America's Only Hope

That's nice, because with him, we are doomed. We're condemned to drink the Kool-Aid he purveys so that we may all become good conservatives just like him. We must hope that Obama's policies fail, so Sarah Palin can seize power and lead us on aerial wolf hunts and abortion clinic bombings and doctor murders. Yeah, right.

All hail the lovable little fuzzball. Look at him, children. He's as ugly as the lies he spreads!

You Betcha! Yah!

Sarah Palin is the biggest pain in the neck. She simply will not go away. She seems to generate great interest among the great hordes of Republicans who have nothing to live for. Their party has no one to whom the hopeless can turn except for the likes of Rush Slimeball to lead their cause.

Because she talks funny, Sarah holds their rapt attention. She is hard to understand and one needs great concentration to translate the accent into cogent English. If she is the best they've got, I really feel sorry for their plight in 2012. And poor Trig will be dragged around on the stage for years like the stage prop he's become.

The saddest thing is that she actually believes she's got a chance to be president. Yikes!