Monday, September 21, 2009

Glenn Beck Really Is Insane! No. Really!

Anyone who can go from saying, from his own personal experience, that the United States has the worst health care in the world to a complete about face to say it has the best health care in the world to serve his own purpose is not only a manifest liar, but a lunatic. I say that primarily because he tearfully believes what he is saying to be the truth.

His poor drug and alcohol addled brain has him sobbing about his great patriot dreams while he gets mad as hell and is not gonna take it anymore without really ever explaining what it is he ain’t gonna take.
And anyone who can single-handedly lose over 60 sponsors for his network has got to be a horrible liability. The mere fact that he's not quaking in his boots, pissing and shitting in terror, has me convinced that he is truly a nut-job.

You wanna keep that sacred underwear clean now, ya hear, Glenn?