Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How About A Mulligan?

“You go back and read the Crusades history. The seeds of terrorism are being sowed as we butcher them and murder them in the name of the God of the West, and denigrated them and spat on them. You think that stuff doesn't come back to haunt you?” —John Shelby Spong

Maybe we should get another chance at this thing. No doubt the opportunity will eventually present itself if we “stay the course” because the course doesn't make much sense. Neither does spitting into the wind. A lot of golfers allow a mulligan on the first tee during a friendly round to compensate for a duffed drive. If only it were possible in a major tournament who knows what might happen.

Maybe we could redo this whole religion thing. After all it wasn't God who invented religion. Why should we be fighting over our curse of experiencing him. A horse doesn't “know” his rider anymore than a man can “know” God. He can only experience what it's like to be ridden.

Unfortunately, this is a major tournament.

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