Monday, August 21, 2006

This Is NOT A Test

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” —Vladimir Lenin

There are some people out there with nothing better to do than lie to the American people. Consistently. They are not unlike the ailens in a Twilight Zone episode who carried a book titled “How to Serve Man,” originally believed to be a philanthropic work but which upon further translation proved to be a cookbook.

The German people believed Hitler, until after the war. The Italians believed Il Duce, until after the war. The Americans believed George Bush before the war, but are having a problem with him now. 51% used to believe him when he was elected. That toatal (depending upon whose poll you believe) is anywhere from 33% to 40%. I wouldn’t call that a mandate for anything. He’s getting angry because he’s not telling us the truth.He can't make the lie stick. It’s called frustration. He’s barely coherent. He's ignoring his advisors whom everyone believed would save us from his stupidity.

I don’t think that even George W. Bush knows that he’s being lied to.

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