Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Am Become Death

“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” — J. Robert Oppenheimer

If for some inexplicable reason Hezbollah aided by Iran or Syria should gain the upper hand in the current conflict, the Israelis may feel it necessary to unwrap some of the toys their Uncle Sugar gave them to play with. I say this mostly because Israel keeps saying that a place like Bint Jubayl is in their hands only to find that master Po has snatched it back again. Same with some other areas claimed to be occupied and safe. One needs to read the goat's entrails. Only there are no ancients existing who posess the art of divination.

I do not defend Hezbollah. Allowed to use their own devices, they would undoubtedly attempt to annihilate not only Israel but the rest of us infidels as well. At the same time, they ARE fighting for their own country. (Remember how our patriots hid behind trees and picked off the redcoats, lobsterbacks, Hessians, mercenaries, Brits?)

I wish
only that someone would come forth and say the real reason we're about to condone genocide is to provide a final solution before it gets too messy. I don't think Dubya would like to clean up the White House lawn if it happened here. Why should it happen there?

Now we’re told that there are a bunch of Egyptian students with fake visas who didn't report to school for classes at the University of Montana are at large in our U.S. of A, and that something of “biblical” proportions is slated to occur on August 22. Better gin up Homeland Security. Looks like it might happen here...AND there.


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