Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What Happened To Diplomacy?

“If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.” —Moshe Dyan

I remember when Israel stood for something besides beating up on Arabs. Yes, they could always do that too, and quite well. I cite the 1967 "Six Day War."

Almost everyone knows that conflict. In six days Israel brought Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Jordan to their knees.

But there was something else, something heroic about a fledgling nation building itself from very little and making the desert bloom.

Suddenly we have the moral equivalent of being shot dead for bumping into someone in a crowd. And it looks like another occupation of Lebanon is on the way despite Israeli assurances to the contrary. If Israel doesn't want to negotiate, it obviously doesn't want peace. That means it wants this war to go on.

I can't figure why the Bush administrationion has seen fit to not give even lip service to a cease fire demand. What the hell is "durable" anyway, unless it's another way of saying change will never happen and we won't stop the bombardment until we kill all of Hezbollah. The Bush administration is encouraging the slaughter of innocent Lebanese civilians.

Obviously no one is negotiating with Hezbollah, but is it a case of one annihilation versus another? Has Israel finally had enough? Are they really serious about killing off about a 1.4 billion islamists? We're led to believe that the islamists are committed to killing about 8 million Israelis and ALL of us. I don't like the odds. Someone had better do some talking and it shouldn't be Redbeenzan Rice's sister. She's not qualified. Ehud Olmert should be talking to Nasrallah. NOW.

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