Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ya Want Abuse? I'll Give Ya Abuse, You Betcha!

Above is a picture of Governor Palin taking at the executive mansion in Anchorage, Alaska taken on a warm day last summer before all the hub-bub went down and she became John McCain's running mate. An executive panel formed to look into alleged abuse of power as governor recently found that, although she didn’t break any specific laws, she did indeed abuse her power as governor in the case of the dismissal of Public Safety Officer Walt Monegan for the refusal to fire Trooper Wooten, the governor’s ex brother-in-law.

Although there was no “legal” wrong doing, there were 18 ethical violations which goes even deeper into the heart of why this woman was perhaps the faultiest choice Jon McCain could have made for his vice presidential running mate. Or then again, this sneaky little bitch might be exactly what his campaign needed.

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