Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hi! Remember Me? I’m The Guy With The Mysteriously Disappearing WMDs. And I’m Dead. How Did All That Shit Go Down?

Betrayal is the only truth that sticks. —Arthur Miller

My good friend Donald Rumsfeld sold me a lot of shit back when he worked for Ronald Regan. That’s what we used up fighting the Iranians. Thats when they disappeared. And word has it that it was the Iranians who gassed the Kurds. Not me. Back then America liked us and we like them. In fact, they eve liked and supported, Osama Bin Laden in his fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan.


Hey, “it’s a crazy world. Somebody ought to sell tickets.”* Oh, well, I guess I'll be dead for a while now and be quiet like everybody wants. It’s hard, sometimes, to know who your friends really are.

Rummy and Saddam close the deal.
*from Raising Arizona

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