Sunday, October 21, 2007

Armenian Genocide. It Didn’t Happen There, It Can’t Happen Here.

Yes! It's true. It was the shifty-eyed Armenians, who like the Jews, got a hold of some Photoshop® applications and, can you believe it, INVENTED the Armenian Genocide by clever photo-manipulation.

George W Bush, in a rare fit of understanding, concurred, citing the possibility that Turkey might present a greater threat than Communist China when it comes to his pissing off a foreign nation with over 1,321,851,888 people ready and eager to throw away their lives should their regime ask. He then presented the Dali Lama with the Congressional Gold medal for coming in first or something.

Contacted in his grave, Abdul Gamal Attaturk, spun a few times and said, “Thank you, MeesterBoosh! You are the one true friend that Turkey can always depend on. Our human rights record remains impeccable. Give our mutual friend Mahmood Amadinajad my best regards. He is some poofter you bet.”

I just wonder where all those extra heads came from. Must have been a sale at Big Lots.

Proud Turkish officers pose with the actual re-touched Photoshop® retouched heads of Armenian leaders in Yerevan. This picture was never taken.

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Heisenberg said...

Good stuff. In case you missed it, there is a good, non-satirical site on the Armenian holocaust at