Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Insane Asylum, The Reverend James Dobson And Senator Larry Craig...Separated At Birth?

Reverend James Dobson, Senator Larry Craig
“A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith
does not prove anything.—Friedrich Nietzsche

I've always maintained that faith is a wonderful thing. I’ve also always maintained that faith is a gift. If you were standing behind the pole, it’s just too bad. For those who feel compelled to believe in a great, secular cloud being with any color skin or any color beard who takes a personal interest in you, I have only this to offer: WAKE UP!

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different religions and how come they all claim to be the true religion and each is willing to die for his/her beliefs and take any infidels with them?

Religion is one of the most evil hoaxes ever invented by man. For purposes of extortion, political manipulation, and targeted mass hysteria. I don’t mean to say that there are not beneficial by-products to religion. There are. The elevation of mood by doing “good,” by feeling as if one belongs to something greater than oneself. Helping others. Spreading the “Word.”

But by and large, the priests, when they’re not buggering young altar boys, the ministers when they can avoid helping little girls find their panties or condemning alternate lifestyles are harmless charlatans bilking the populace out of tax free tithes and offerings. In the end, it is the abuse of power that destroys humanity at the hands of even the most well intentioned evangelist, believer or not. The Mullahs, The Ayatollahs, the Rabbis: all have as much control over our lives as any president of any country if we chose to swallow what they purvey.

Methinks they doth protest too much.

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