Monday, March 05, 2007

Purveyor Of Pap

It's so commodified a world we live in that you end up a huckster, no matter what you do.—Russell Banks

Yes, folks. I urge you to squander your money on the products these radio show hucksters promote. Rush lauds the benefits of Zicam™ even though he comes on the air gagging, sniffling and coughing from a cold.

He has to take a few days off. Comes back on and announces that it certainly wasn’t a cold. Had something worse. Cancer? Not likely. No, like most snake-oil salesmen, Rush tells you his personal experiences with the product and how well they kept him from getting sick, refraining from advertising it while suffering the ailment it ordinarily is supposed to prevent.

As soon as he’s recovered from the plague (because it couldn't have possibly been a cold or influenza) he’s back selling the shit out of the product.

Don’t forget to get your “Sleep Number™” bed or your “Bellawood™” flooring.

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