Monday, March 05, 2007

Ann Coulter: Smart, Rich, Evil: And Wrong.

The author of “Godless,” a diatribe against the liberal left and the democrats has once again drawn the attention and ire of the target of her venom. Why? Because she wanted attention. She needs attention like a junkie needs a fix. She thrives on it. Can’t live without it. Why? Because she’s a dried up has been with very little left in her repertoire but inflammatory epithets couched in her clever rhetoric. Calling John Edwards a “faggot” in a round-about way is about as stupid a joke and as great a defamatory and hateful comment as anyone could make. I've seen people prosecuted and sent to anger management school for less. Does slander strike a familiar note?

Extreme right-wing nuts think they are funny. The problem is liberal lefties get all the laughs. They can actually tell a joke. When someone like Coulter spouts off, it’s a mean spirited vicious rant that is never funny and usually misinterpreted as political commentary.

My guess is she really gets prurient satisfaction from her exhibitionism. Kind of like pulling down her panties and showing her hoo-hoo-dilly to the crowd. That’ll make a buck, too.

And she’s as serious as a heart attack.

Especially about the money

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