Friday, September 08, 2006

What Time Does The Balloon Go Up?

“What terrorism finally winds up saying to us is that you can't live in a world that bends some people so totally out of shape that they want to destroy themselves and anybody who gets in their way.” —John Shelby Spong
I am in a quandry. Some would have us believe that there is not way to stop the annihilation of our culture short of “killing them all” and annihilating their culture. That there is no way these “radical islamists” would be able to engage in meaninful dialogue so that we might both coexist. The radical right in this country wants it this way. They say to believe we have a chance for meaningful conversation is to hide our heads in the sand. To appease the enemy.

Well I've got some news for them. The only way to stop our annihilation is to talk to these people and FIND some common ground. I know they’re rattling their sabres but so are we. The bravado expressed in their statements that they would like to kill us all is an integral part of their posturing. We, of course do the same. Logically we have to kill them all, otherwise they will kill us all. Only we can't seem to find them to get the job done.

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