Friday, September 15, 2006

The Unkindest Cut Of All

“Integrity has no need of rules. —Albert Camus

Finally someone stands up to the president. I always figured Colin Powel was his own man even though he was the President's Secretary of State. He didn't always seem to agree, however. That Powell was disenchanted with George W. Bush became obvious when Powell left that position. It's hard to be your own man and someone else’s lackey.

I admire Powell for condemning Bush’s plan. Someone with as much disregard for our troops as Bush who sends them into harm’s way in Iraq on a bunch of trumped-up prevarications certainly doesn't care if they are captured and treated the same barbaric way we treat prisoners and enemy combatants we deprive of their rights as guaranteed by the Geneva conventioins.

Using the same yardstick, I can’t see why he should have any compunctions about CIA interogators being tried for war crimes under article 3 of the conventions unless he’s afraid it might apply to him for condoning the felony that violating article 3 mandates.

Powell was a soldier. Bush just played one on TV.

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