Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Good Morning, America...

’I do think there's a big move away from actual reporting,
trying to report facts.”
—Laura Bush

Then there's E.D. Hill, AKA Tarbox from Pittsburgh, by way of who knows where, adding her pro Bush rant two cents on the Fox and Friends network with Steve Doocy and Brian Weasel-face Kilmeade. It’s early in the AM and I'm at the gym watching CNN with Robin Meade

& Company but there are 8 TVs and one is tuned to FOX. There are some things about the news that you just can't escape, not matter how you try to hide. And when you hear them AND see them, you want to scream. Fortunately I can do 3 miles on the stair-stepper and sweat out my bile before I have to throw up.

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