Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Trump's Brain Is Missing, Still.

Foaming at the mouth for the 113th consecutive day, the Republican nominee for
President bit the head from a live gerbil and  proceeded to chew on it to
he disgust of the press who were gathered for a press conference.

     “This I will tell you,” said Trump spitting out some gerbil fur, “this is going to be better than anything crooked, evil Hillary can do. This is going to make her puny run for the White House look like those retards in the Special Olympics trying to roll an Easter egg.”
     Mr. Trump, of course, was referring to his widely publicized attempt to build his wall to separate the United States from Mexico using nothing but his own “brain-power.” He ignored questions from the press on how he intended to do this and make Mexico pay for it.
     “I've got enough. You know I do. I have enough brain-power to do this. Brain power. It's what I have. And plenty. Believe me when I tell you. I have got it.
     He then asked if anyone had seen his cheese-straightener.

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