Thursday, August 04, 2016

Imagine A Future Under A President Trump.

     Now that Trump has been elected President because he out-lied Hillary in both his handling of the economy and his obvious mastery of who would better handle the ISIS problem and get rid of Muslim extremists, our second amendment rights under the Constitution are protected. All those who consider themselves “a well regulated militia" fetch your weapons and stand by!
     You are now being conscripted into the DJT Army of Vengeance, because you know that if Donald gets “hit,” he strikes back, hard. YOU will be his fist, his hammer. There will be boots on the ground in Syria, Libya Somalia, Iran, Iraq, ad nauseam. Our pitifully depleted armed forces will be reconstituted with fresh new bodies when the draft returns.
     Imagine what will happen if Kim Jong Un sends one of his rockets toward Guam or Hawaii trying to get the attention he so frequently pleads for by acting like a petulant child.
     Always remember, in Hitler's Germany, every last man, grandfather and boy was finally conscripted by Hitler to protect the Fatherland and to die for Der Fuehrer.

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