Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump Addresses His Minions.

      On his return form Mexico, Candidate Trump, dispelled all doubts as to his qualifications for President of the United States. He has displayed the monogram of jerk splendidly as he ranted about how much his plan for immigration would divide "them" from "us" in a fifteen of sixteen but who's counting steps that will accomplish everything in a magical brushstroke. 

     He will do this, I can tell you. He believes his program is everything his ego believes it is. This is a madman with words but no facts. Only promises that he cannot possibly keep. 

     He works "while the clock, she's a ticking."

     Nothing but more bullshit from the master of innuendo and tweet.

Don't get me wrong. Hillary is no gem. No diamond in the rough. She is cut with so many facets you can't believe in one of them. However, she is the far superior choice over Trump. A thug and ignoramus who would have us believe he is our savior 

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