Thursday, February 05, 2009

Comrade Beck Threatens Us All.

As is his usual hammy blather, once again the Limbaugh wannabe is ranting about socialism. It’s OK for George Bush to give the banks $350 billion, but should Barrack Obama see fit to keep the ball rolling, Beck skips the socialism gambit and goes for the dreaded triple-dog-dare of communism!

This pygmy among men, this pig among pigs, must get on the bandwagon with Limbaugh, Hannity et al, to hope that Obama fails. Good, nay, great Americans one and all.

They have already failed not only their viewers and fans. They’ve failed their country. To think that these conservative, capitalistic windbags have anyone but themselves in mind is to be oblivious to the avarice, greed and evil that began this horrible slide into what well may be the end of civilization as we know it. Welcome to the third world, Glenn.


whiskey mike said...

Stumbled on this page,& I can't help but notice that there aren't any comments on your blog. After scrolling thru your half-baked screeds, I think I understand why. I guess I'll grace you with a comment anyway (maybe your first?)

What I see here is factually challenged vitriol from a spoiled little self-absorbed, whining malcontent that desperately wants to be cool at the expense of any rational thought or historical framework. Jeez, haven't seen this much misdirected angst & bohemian blather since I tuned out MSNBC.

My advice to you is to quit living in the 60's, wallowing in pseudo-intellectual pap with you're artificially ego boosted self-righteous buddies, read a book or two, start making your own decisions, mature about 40 years to bring you into this century, and become responsible for something besides your bar tab.

I'm just sayin'...

shishkabob said...

Jeez, Mike. You must be a genius! Thanks so much for gracing my blog with your precious opinion. But all in all, I really don’t need your advice or your readership. I do this in penance for having murdered the last person to give me advice. Thanks anyway, you neocon right-wingnut.

whiskey mike said...

Nope. Not a genius, probably far from it. Just smarter than you, apparently.

Took less than 140 words to elicit a brainless& tacit personal threat from you. That's about average for leftist-ilk, I suppose.

Hey, if you don't want to hear opinions that are different than yours, then post your stuff somewhere without comment links.

If you don't want anyone to read your stuff, then by all means continue with your hate-blog. But if you really are doing this for penance, forget it. I'm sure that as a card carrying lib, you've already found convenient work-arounds for all your penances and moral dilemmas anyway. Surely somehow you can blame everything on someone else. (Of course! Must've been Bush's fault!)

BTW, I consider myself a paleo-con rather than a neo-con. As far as threats to me go, you are on my list right below the lint in my hair dryer catching fire.

Don't worry--I won't be bursting your bubble with any more comments. I just wanted to point out clearly to you what your ramblings represent to the other, rational side of the ideological spectrum.

shishkabob said...

Rose to the bait didn’t you, Mr. Smarter than me. Like a moth to the flame. You ARE a genius. In your mind and your paranoid delusions, anyway, spouting your ideals.

If you recall, you attacked me, personally, first. As, all your paleo-con friends would say, and I’m sure you’ll agree, I have the right to defend myself. Except you do it like Israel. Not an eye for and eye but an entire body for a fingernail.

I post where I like and welcome comment, not attacks. Have you served your country in the armed forces? When were you planning to? You probably never will. Your type is a hawk with no talons. That’s really a chicken, I think.

If you don’t like my blog, stumble somewhere else or go ahead and puke all over it. Just be ready for the apocalypse.

I think I’d also get those delirium tremens addressed, whiskey boy.

whiskey mike said...

What's the matter--it's okay to spew hate at everyone else, but you are incapable of introspection?

You post all of this hate-filled invective, month after month for how many months, and then you have the balls to be indignant the first time somebody calls you on it? What did you expect, a medal? I'm just treating you like you insist on treating everyone else that disagrees with your little narrow mindset. Sucks to be on the other end of the pen point, doesn't it?

Your reference to Israel demonstrates a naivety that cannot be penetrated by logic--so as the saying goes, there's no point in trying to reason with someone that is bent on being unreasonable.

At least I got to piss a poor widdle lib off using the same tactics that he's been using--that was fun!

Mission Accomplished! :^)

Seeya! Don't spill too much kool-aid!

shishkabob said...

OK,whiskey boy. You win. But I can’t help but notice how you keep coming back looking for a reply from me to feed your ego and elevate your status in your own mind. It must be comforting to be able to interact with another human being and get a reaction from them. You need more friends. Must be a hard life. I have no hard feelings and am not a hate filled, bile spewing liberal nor am I long haired and maggot riddled. As a matter of fact, I’m a registered republican. I just don’t like what happened to my party for the last 16 years. You couldn’t be tickled with it either, if you’re honest with yourself. And the reason behind my bashing of folks like Limbaugh, Hannity and the rich commercial shills of talk radio is because of the particular brand of dissent they foment. They are the most divisive forces in America today. Rush would have us believe that an unregulated free market and and unrestrained capitalistic greed are what made this country. Yes, and look at it. Thieves everywhere. Greed rampant. This country does not belong to conservatives. It never did. Conservative policies are responsible for putting us where we are today.

For all I know, you might really be a nice guy. I'm up for dialogue, but you’d have to do better than just take pot shots at me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who’ll be the next to outwit me?