Friday, February 27, 2009

Who Is Sarah Palin And Why Does She Keep Coming Back?

More than slightly mild retardation, seems to run in the Palin family. Sarah herself seems to be no exception to the malaise. Given that her son Trig, no doubt named for a either part of a gun or Roy Roger’s horse, has Downes syndrome, but she herself has displayed some remarkable lack of intellectual capacity during interviews.

One nagging question remains to be answered, however. Why doesn’t she retreat into obscurity? Better yet, run. Why doesn’t the Democratic party in Alaska find someone to run against her for governor? She couldn't be that difficult to beat. When 2012 rolls around who’s going to draft her from the daycare center she’ll no doubt be running?

Why would the Republican party even want to touch this airborne wolf-sniper and knot of banal, redneck outrage?

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