Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Right Wing Sideshow Freaks Go Mad!

As usual, the first casualty of any battle is truth. The disgusting pigboy of the EIB Network, the pundit of the Rush Limbaugh Institute for the study of Conservatism went on a blasphemous tirade today. Screeching like a tea kettle boiling over, this pompous ass proceeded to eviscerate the media, the democrats, the liberals and almost anyone who disagreed with him. He kept up the vomit for his three hours, calling people asses for calling him the hypocrite he is while pretending to be a Godly, forgiving Christian. A pro life idiot who believes in teaching abstinence, condemns sex education and doesn't realize how badly an unwanted pregnancy can screw up a promising life. He will defend to the death (or at least a little pain) the right of Sarah Palin to force your daughter to have her rapist’s baby!

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