Thursday, September 11, 2008

Forgetfulness, Like An Old Trusted Friend Lulls Us To Complacency

It’s beginning to look like the country has forgotten what the last eight years have lead us to. The economy is in the tank. The taxpayer is in constant peril of bailing out financial institutions which the government neglected to properly watch. The price of fuel and food is skyrocketing. Unemployment is rising. And no one seems to have the proper amount of health insurance. We strut around the world telling sovereign nations what to to to help us out and they laugh at us. We try to buy friends and are rightly snubbed.

Now we’re told that a governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin as Vice President would make all the difference in the world. That this gun-toting, wolf-shooting, salmon-fishing moose gutter is ready and fit to lead our country should the actuarial tables prove the odds correct. She has breathed new life into the crypt keeper, John McWheeze, and empowered the every woman in America to have a Down syndrome baby of her own. With her nasal, whining voice she has shown her ignorance of the most dangerous foreign policy of our day, the Bush doctrine, which states that if you concoct enough evidence of “imminent” threat you can blow the shit out of any country you want like a nice neighbor gone bad, shooting the kids on his lawn with a shotgun only they aren’t on his lawn, they’re in their beds next door.

My country, wrong or wrong. Hey, what are YOU doing here?

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