Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Almost 4000 Troops Killed To Get This Photo Op—OoRah!

Two soldiers valiantly try to support George W Bush, who, when it comes to the war in Iraq, doesn’t have a leg to stand on. He fell over moments after this picture was taken.

Some in the Bush Administration would have us believe that the surge is working, has worked and is responsible for the 60% decrease in violence in Iraq. I submit that it is not the result of an additional 30,000 troops and their dominance over Al Qaida fighters which has cause this turn around. Rather that it is the result of the first real cooperation among tribal clan leaders who have decided it is temporarily financially more expedient to throw in with their fellow Iraqis and beat up on the insurgents.

somewhat physically more dangerous if one happens to find oneself in a back alley with an Al Qaida Kalashnikov pointed at you, the deals these wise old leaders have made insure two things. First, that they are amply rewarded with the bags of money the US always has handy for bribes and propping up “friends” and secondly, that given the decrease in violence, the US may soon pull out allowing them to divvy up the country anyway they see fit regardless of the civil war this will foment and much to the chagrin of the puppet government we are so desperately trying to squeeze into a democratic mold of multicultural/religious sects.

Touch ’em all, George. Another home-run!

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