Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good God, John! Get A Grip On Yourself!

Why is this man crying? He cries at the drop of a hat, the nostalgic memories of the drunks at this father's bar, the thought of a homeless puppy, or the picture of a cute little kitten. Ya think maybe he's running for something? He's seen crying in public more than Sarah Palin is seen crowing, and that's saying something.

Please, John, try to stop this public blubbering. Even Rush Limbaugh was the lamenting the chick-i-fying of the men of America, specifically the NFL, as was Laura Ingraham on her show calling American men, “Sissies” while plugging some conservative author's bogus book on the subject.

Real American men may cry, but they don't blubber like fools on camera in front of the nation nearly every day. We'd appreciate a little decorum. For our sake, please excuse yourself and go blubber in the men's room, or if the spirit moves you, the ladies' room.

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