Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Limbaugh Pukes The Truth

The main problem with Rush Limbaugh's truth is that it is a lie. Our former Vice President and war criminal, Dick Cheney thinks he's a better Republican that Colin Powell, former general and Secretary of State.

As spokesman for selfish wastefulness, Rush has done a magnificent job of fomenting dissent throughout the nation. As self-proclaimed champion of all seven deadly sins, Limbaugh lauds the abuse of energy, urging people to keep their lights on constantly, turn up their heat till they roast in the winter, turn down the AC til their houses frost over in the summer and drive the biggest gas guzzlers in the world to use up all the gas and pollute the atmosphere until the sky turns the color of raw umber. (For those of you in Rio Linda, that's yellow-brown.)

This human wad of filth and phlegm denigrates anyone with a different viewpoint than his own and insists that he and all his capitalist rapist buddies, those captains of industry who curse the unions and use the common worker to their own ends are responsible for any greatness this country may claim to. This bat-wing puking fat-cat pretends to be one of the little people so he can sell you Bellau Wood flooring, Zicam®, Sleep Number ™ beds, and whatever automotive Behemoth GM makes in order to be paid $400 million on his contract with Clear Channel Radio.

He does this all with the utmost humility, his psyche handicapped by having half his brain tied behind his back and his intellect on load from God. Just don't stand in his way when he wants to tell you the truth.

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