Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The GOP Has Found Its Voice At Last

I guarantee he speaks for all conservatives, all the noble Americans who espouse life, liberty and the pursuit of the almighty dollar. Yes, none other than Rush Phlegmball speaks for you, speaks for me. Not those long-haired maggot infested liberals who want to take over your country. Problem is it's their country too, and judging by the election last fall, about 56% of the entire country voted for the man Rush would like to fail. It would appear he wants the country to fail as well. What could a president possibly hope to gain by destroying his own country, I ask myself. Absolutely nothing. If Obama fails, we all fail. Oh, maybe not Rush. After all he's got his sweet deal and $400 million. He's also got a private jet and the Dominican Republic and all those wonderful boys are not that far away. If you've got money, who needs a country?

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