Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Was Only Following Orders.

“Clemency is the noblest trait which can reveal a true monarch to the world.—Pierre Corneille

Like a good little Nazi, Scooter merely followed the orders of the Vice President. As a willing thrall of Dick Cheney, he attempted to throw everyone off the trail breadcrumbs that would have led to his boss and most likely the President as well in their undisclosed locations in the White House.

It looks like we’re never going to hear Paul Harvey say, “...and now you know the rest of the story.” With commutation of his sentence and the extreme likelihood that a full pardon is on the way, Dubya and Darth Cheney are off the hook. There will be no blackmail. Scooter will not have to sing like a canary, be a stool pigeon or rat on his former boss.

And it would seem that Dubya subscribes to Pierre Corneille’s view of himself only too well.

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