Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The President’s Pimp

“A conservative is a man who just sits and thinks, mostly sits.” —Woodrow Wilson

Mr. Twister is at it again. And his ass is getting broader and broader from too little thinking and too much sitting. First he attacks Michael J. Fox. He does not appologize. (He might if you can prove he was wrong.) Then he continues to defend himself from even his own ilk, thinking that he might finally have gone too far.

For over a week now he been trying to get it to sound convincing. It's still a bit off. Now he keeps insisting that Kerry has insulted the troops and is trying to wiggle out of it. Insists that the troops deserve an appology. Yes, he didn't make the joke work, really didn't try to clarify any possible misinterpretation. So Rush can hammer away on how much liberals and democrats hate the troops with impunity.

Rush Limburger stinks as bad as the cheese he's named for. He is the most devisive person in America. And he's the only person who wins because he can sell products to 13.5 million listeners.

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