Friday, June 03, 2016

Donald Drumpf Who? Oh, Trump Name Change.

    When I was a kid the only Donald I knew was a little shit. He tried to steal my model airplane kits or toys I had with me when I'd visit him after school and hide them under his bed.  He told his mom that they were his. His mom knew better. She would say, "Donald, you know that's not yours. Give it back." He would...then, and only then.
    These days, shits like Donald give nothing back. Their moms are dead and somehow their fathers failed to instill all the little Donalds with a sense of right and wrong or a grasp of morality and justice.

    Even now we live with the possibility that the death warts on the back of his right hand may have driven him beyond his ordinary acquisitive madness we are told could lead to the destruction of the USA if he were to be elected. Many, many doctors have warned that he is seriously mentally ill. That I can tell you. Many doctors.

   Madness. So sorry, America.

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