Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Blowhard And His Beard

Rush Limbaugh demonstrates his understanding of the universal symbol for lesbian sex.

Prior to this he demonstrated his understanding of male homosexual sex by flipping the camera  a two handed middle finger. During his post-nuptial celebration, Limbaugh also demonstrated his ability to dance by bumping and grinding his way out of his hotel suite with what he refers to as “Rush's Little Helpers,” his bottle of 200 mg Viagra® tablets.

Citing his independent scorekeeper on his correctness, Rush noted that he's always about 99.6 percent correct in as much as he never really says anything that is not some outlandish opinion or lie and could in no way be construed or misconstrued as the truth. He's only pronounced a few words wrong since his program started which accounts for the .4% discrepancy.

“I sure can talk some shit, though,” he observed.

He and his bride then retired to separate rooms.