Monday, February 08, 2010

How’s That Hopey Changey Thingy Workin’ Out For Ya?

It would appear that Sarah has been doing more for Alaska than Barack Obama has been accused of trying to do for the United States. She actually brags about how her bilking of the big oil companies has enabled her to redistribute to the citizens of Alaska a hefty little paycheck every year as long as Exxon, BP and the rest of the drill here, drill now crazies keep tearing up the north slope.

Windfall profit taxes on Big Oil are here to stay in Alaska. Increasing state tax is OK with the Republicans. It's increasing federal taxes they have a problem with. It might get them kicked out of their cushy jobs in Washington. Anyway, Robin Hood and her merry band of Socialists have already worked their magic for the poor people of Northwood Forest and are movin’ on to a run for the White House in 2012.

How are those free building supplies paid for by Wallisa workin’ out for ya, Todd?

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