Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Damns Obama To Hell, Gets There First. Congratulates Himself On His Prescience.

Nauseating windbag and inveterate bigot, Rush Limbaugh, continues his vendetta against President Obama and his efforts to bring order to a badly fragmented country. Ever delighting in his growing power over the mental midgets of this country, Limbaugh constantly hectors the President and purveys the selfish conservative values which have made this country the laughingstock of humanity.

Proclaiming that Obama is deliberately ruining the country "on purpose" sounds like Darren McGavin telling his wife she used up all the glue in Christmas Story. Limbaugh points to the president’s efforts to provide health care for the country as some sort of monstrous plot, his efforts to stimulate the economy as the “pork-u-lous” bill, a strange thing for a greedy pig like Rush to say.

He blames all of America’s ills on Obama rather than the selfish goals of people like himself, who through chicanery and exploitation of those less intelligent and more in need, continue to pull the wool over almost everyone’s eyes.

Of what possible use is the destruction of this country to President Obama? To what end does it benefit anyone?

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