Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anticipating 2012

Open season on wolves. Shooting them from aircraft is really sporting. Well maybe not so sporting as viciously cruel. It would be too bad if Sarah got lost in the woods without her rifle. I wonder what kind of bounty one of her severed legs brings?


Mrs. Polly said...

Shishkabob, would that be with or without the nylon sausage casing?

Mrs. Polly said...

Now you see? Somebody comes to my blog and actually NAGS my co-blogger to go and do real work, all the time ignoring the unloved yet faithful comments on his own blog, comments that have been hoping for a word, a sign, any indication at all that there is some overseeing intelligence out here to greet them and not a just a howling void, nothingness, the frozen wastes.

And why? Because any 8 of Strange's is an 8 of ours. That's why.

shishkabob said...

Mrs. Polly. So very sorry to not have responded to you sooner. As Strange mentioned, I have been rather busy and now the accumulator on the heat pump has gone up in smoke. Perfect. Thanks for your stopping by from time to time, but I have been posting less and less because of time constraints. Be of good cheer. All will be well.

Mrs. Polly said...

All will be well, and all shall be well.

Thank you, shishkabob. I'll try to accumulate less heat, while wishing you good luck on accumulating more.