Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Is Dying For Your Sins!

A tearful Rush Limbaugh, weeping inconsolably, went on the air during his radio show at the EIB network choking back tears and racist epithets. His weeping was for himself and his suffering at the hands of the NFL and it players who refused to support his bid of ownership. When reached for comment, deceased NFL union president Gene Upshaw said, “I feel bad for Rush’s dream of owning the Rams, but most of the black players in the NFL long ago grew tired of his racist remarks, and being owned by a white man still kinda goes against the grain, if you know what I mean.”

Nonetheless, Rush soldiered on ranting against all manner of enemies, real and imagined. Tearfully thanking all his supporters, athletic and family and blaming the war on “conservatism.” He now calls everyone a racist. If you attack Rush, you are a racist. And any of these racists who attack him are attacking you leas those dim bulbs who listen to him.

In case you didn't know Rush, your party and the conservatives actually lost the election. Leader of the Republican party or not, Rush, you lost, and you will lose again because about 60% of this country is for success of both Obama and the country you claim has been hi-jacked “on purpose.” Purpose being, according to you, that this is a great conspiracy designed to ruin the country. I ask you what possible purpose could that be. It’s the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot before you run the marathon. I believe Mr. Linbaugh is truly as insane as his wanna be cohort, Glenn Beck, the other FOX crybaby.

Go froth and mortify, Rush. Self-pity really becomes you.


Mrs. Polly said...

If only self-pity were slimming! Unfortunately, it is the horizontally striped bicycle shorts of emotions.

Vertical stripes would certainly suit El Rushbo, though.

Mrs. Polly said...

Yr. boy Rush just did himself proud, uncritically swallowing a parody of the sort of college paper Rush thinks Obama would write.

One instance of Rush taking bait NOT previously dipped in Oxycontin or Viagra.

Hello, there's Polly on the little blue bench, failing to work up the energy to put her other flipper on. Are you wondering where the others are? Pooor Polly, pooor Polly. The blogosphere can be a cold and lonely place. Someone will come to see you soon. Won't he?

Mrs. Polly said...

May we not speak of the old days? [Silence.] Of what
came after? [Silence.]