Thursday, August 20, 2009

It’s Good To Be Him.

“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance
when the need for illusion is deep.”
—Saul Bellow

The inordinate amount of power this genius wields over the under-educated American is frightening. The police blotters are full of this type of moronic, knee-jerk reactionary bumpkin. The rest of them are making their homes at Town Hall meetings, yelling, carrying guns and generally making a public nuisance of themselves.

Thanks, Rush. You tie half your brain behind your back and laugh all the way to the bank because, even as a brain damaged moron, you can still outwit these imbeciles and make them believe your impossible lies. Hope that cyst on your butt never heals. If it does, you'll be mute the rest of your life.


Mrs. Polly said...

Indeed, Mr. Limbaugh is laughing up his sleeve, all the way to the Dominican Republic--if pants can be considered "leg sleeves."

My verification word here is "gremones." Didn't airport security find a stash of gremones in Rush's suitcase a few years back?

And I like the little wingéd swastika insignia on the sleeve. Lends him a certain gravitas which the Aleister Crowley black silk number he wore at the RNC didn't.

Mrs. Polly said...

Hello Mr. Shishkabob! I was on the bus going up Avenue A and I thought of you when we went past Kabob Garden. It was quite an arresting sight.

Who wouldn't admire a stand of meat-hollyhocks? And the scent!

shishkabob said...

Hello, Mrs. Polly. How nice to be thought of in a gastronomical milieu. Nothing quite like the scent of roasting lamb.