Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fat Blowhard Continues His Rant, Takes Drugs, Violates Children AND He's A Liar Millions Of Mind-Numbed Dittoheads Believe!

Rush spent the Memorial Day weekend in the beautiful Dominican Republic with a bevy of adolescent boys. The conservative pundit, who has the temerity to purport himself as the expert on all things conservative and Republican, while masquerading as an intellectual who can run circles around anyone with one half of his brain excised “just to make it fair,” was found nude in the swimming pool of GRAN BAHIA PRINCIPE AMBAR with a bar of coconut soap, a loofah and a jar of KY brand petroleum jelly. His entourage of teenage boys were laughing and playing harpoon the great white whale as they dove onto Rush’s bloated body. Snerdly could not be reached for comment.

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